June 12, 2013


    Last night a baby rabbit fell into one of our egress window wells.  I’m not a big fan of rabbits because they eat flowers, but I didn’t want to see one starve to death in front of my eyes.  I thought it would climb out via the ladder that’s fastened to the wall, but after an hour it had not.  So we moved the cover of the well off and put a step ladder down so it could hop up the steps to freedom.  No go.  This morning it was still there, so I donned a pair of Sam’s heavy work gloves and climbed down into the well.  Stupid bunny didn’t want me to catch it, but I finally cornered it, grabbed it much against its will and tossed it out of the well.  It skedaddled without even a thank you.  I hope he has a good excuse when his mother asks where he was all night.


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  • I can hear his mother saying “And did you say thank you?” to which the errant bunny hung his head.

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