Month: December 2012

  • Sometimes I’ll start to read a book and the plot seems strangely familiar, but I can’t remember what comes next.  I realize I’ve read the book before but I have not a clue how it ends.  So the decision has to be made – do I keep reading and have everything become familiar as I’m reading, which is annoying, or do I quit and never know how it ends. 

    Don’t laugh.  You’ll be old someday too.


    Today I got a notice in the mail that I may qualify for the Funeral Advantage Program that will pay my family an insurance cash benefit up to $20,000 tax free in the event of my death.

    Well.  While it’s always nice to be a “maybe” qualifier for things, is this really what I want to qualify for?

    I think I shall decline the honor.  My family would just squander the $20,000 on riotous living anyway.




    As  you can see, the secretary in the group was socializing.

    We had a wonderful turkey dinner at Doris’ with about 18 special people present.  After dinner we played a spirited game of Bezzerwizzer which my team won with no thanks to me because I knew very few of the answers.  I do best with the original version of Trivial Pursuit because the questions come from my era.

    We finished up the evening with the traditional birthday cake for Jesus.  It was a lovely day spent with family and friends. Thank you Barb and Connie for all your work to make the day very special.  And thank you, Doris, for being “the hostess with the mostest.”

  • “And the angel said to them, ‘Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.’”  -  Luke 1:10-11

    Christmas blessings from our family to yours.

    Back row from left:  David, Catherine holding Roxey who was not paying attention, Richard, Barb, Tammy, Ken, Sam, Natalie, Stephen

    Front row from left:  Barb’s mother Doris, Larissa, Glendy, Lois

  • At the risk of offending our other grandchildren, for whom I did not devote an entry on their birthdays, I must tell you – this is Natalie’s 21st birthday.  I often say she was the best Christmas present we ever received.  Every year I say – this will be the year we get a present that surpasses Natalie, but it never happens and it never will.

    This is the first picture we got of her – one day old.

    This is how she looks today.

    And to our other grandchildren – we love you too, but it was just your misfortune not to have been born on Christmas Eve.


    That was one sorry apocalypse.  And – family and friends – ignore all those e-mails I sent the other day.

    Maybe this is what we should have been heeding all along -


    It’s been nice knowing you

    Since the world ends tomorrow (I have it on good authority), today I will be sending all my family and friends e-mails telling them EXACTLY that I REALLY think of them.  There will be no repercussions because there is no day after tomorrow.

    Or, I could believe an Oreo cookie.



    It turns out three hours is a lot of time to kill at a mall if you don’t have anything special in mind to buy.  We took one of our cars into the shop this morning for what was estimated to be three hours’ work.  The shop is 40 minutes from our house, so we drove both cars down and then drove the other car to a mall. I thought we could easily spend three hours there, not remembering that Sam is not a shopper for the long haul.  We tramped the mall from one end to the other.  I bought myself some Christmas presents (clothes).  Sam found a shirt and a hat – his Christmas presents.  That shot about an hour.  We went back to the car dealer and of course the car wasn’t ready, so we went to lunch.  Got back to the shop and the car still wasn’t ready.  I came home and Sam waited.  I’m tempted to say it was a morning shot, but we did get some good maintenance work done on the car, a lunch out, some clothes, and I didn’t have to wait at the dealership three hours, which I would have had to do in the old days when Sam was gainfully employed and I was in charge of taking cars to repair shops.  In Pennsylvania in the olden days vehicles had to be inspected twice a year, and when we had three vehicles I had to take each one in at least twice a year, in addition to times they needed repair, and one or the other of them always needed repair.  Michigan doesn’t require inspections (the automobile is king in Michigan), so at least we don’t have that to deal with anymore.

  • Well, not as many screwdrivers will be outta here as I had hoped.  Mostly it was a reorganization of screwdrivers and other things.  Yesterday’s entry showed the Before of the pegboard.  Here is the After.

    This is what he’s getting rid of.


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