May 17, 2013


    An article that appeared in our local paper last week:

    They spelled our last name right two out of three times, and 66 2/3% accuracy is excellent for our local paper.  Historic, even.

    David likes entering these competitions, and he often takes third place.  He says he’s going to have to find competitions that pay more for third place.  Good job, David.  I proofed the paper for him, and it was very well written.  It had good ideas for improving education in Michigan, but alas they will never be put into effect, given the power of teachers’ unions and our politicians.

    Stephen, meanwhile, was accepted at Northwestern University and also received an appointment to the Air Force Academy.  After much thought, he’s decided to go to Northwestern and major in mechanical engineering.  We would have supported either decision, but we must admit we’re pleased with his choice.

    We’re proud of both these young men and delighted to call them our grandsons.

    By the way, David and Stephen will be the fourth generation of male engineers in our family.  Still no female engineers, but we have the little girls coming along and who knows – one of them might pick up the banner and run with it.

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